Holy Trinity and St Matthew Ronkswood

Covid 19 Coronovirus - Urgent Updates

18 Mar 2020 • General news

“Following the advice from The Church of England we regret that our normal acts of worship have been suspended until further notice. However, we will be having acts of worship on-line using the Zoom video conferencing app.

Their will be a service every Sunday at 10.00 a.m. and a short service of prayer and reflection at 6.00 p.m. If you would like to take part please send an email to revdrobfarmer@gmail.com and you will receive an email invitation with a link so that you can join in. The email will also have an attachment containing the order of service we are using for that session so that you can join in.

There will be many people self-isolating who will be feeling vulnerable and alone. The Church is offering a Link-line service, where church members will make regular phone calls to those who are isolated. Again, please contact us on the email address above or call 01905 319157 if you would like a regular call.

There will naturally be some disruption in providing Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals. You should speak to the Team Office for further advice on 01905-358083 or contact the Vicar, Revd Rob Farmer on the number above.

You are welcome to contact the Clergy around the team at any time if you have any queries or concerns. You will find relevant contact details on this site.

Finally, we want to assure you that the Church is praying every day for everyone in this world crisis, especially those affected by the virus, and those involved in frontline health care. Please look out for one another, and do what this community does best – provide loving and caring support to those around us.”